HARUNA Pennchem®CT




  • It can operate at the maximum temperature of 150 degrees C.
  • It is excellent in chemical proof and resistance to cracking. (PFA production)
  • As it is chemically stable, so it is difficult to contaminate fluid.
  • As it is nearly transparent, so you can check the fluid.
  • The corrugated portion is not helix.
  • You can shorten it by about 50% and extend it by about 140%.
  • As the bend radius is small, if you bend it in an arc, it will change little in calibe.
  • You can install it with complete control.
  • It can operate under vacuum. (0.133Pa)

Principal application

  • ■semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    • coater, developer
    • CMP
    • wafer scrub cleaning equipment
    • etching equipment
  • ■liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
  • ■quart manufacturing equipment
    • optical fiber material
    • heater tubae
    • mask
    • reaction tank
    • crucible
  • ■MA equipment
  • ■measurement hardware
  • ■laboratory equipment

Principal use

  • ■internal piping in small-footprint equipment
  • ■ductwork for deionized water and chemical
  • ■drain
  • ■gas piping
  • ■heat exchanger
  • ■ductwork for vibrating and moving part
  • ■flexible shower
  • ■double pipe
  • ■conduit tubae


outline view of PennchemCT



  • *The above dimensions are standard value.
  • *Pennchem® is registered trademarks of Penn&Nitto Corp.