HARUNA toggle-type valve

TV-1 toggle-type valve (PTFE hand valve)

HARUNA toggle-type valveHARUNA toggle-type valve


  • The TV-1 model is made of only fluorine resin in wetted parts, therefore it's excellent in chemical and heat resistance.
  • The valve body is common parts of PTFE magnetic valve 'SV-3 model'.
  • Toggle parts is made of PVC or SUS.

Principal use

  • ■chromatograph
  • ■high-purity system
  • ■solvent and acid use
  • ■gas and fluid sampling device


specifications of TV-1 model
※orifice:5mm,withstand static pressure:0.15Mpa~0.25Mpa

Structural drawing

structural drawing of TV-1 model

Dimensions (2-way)

dimensions of TV-1 model
*The figures in parentheses represent dimensions of TPV.
*As the dimensions of joints are reference example, so we can supply any size that you requested.


  1. The above dimensions are for reference purpose only.
  2. Please note that specific may change without prior notice.

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