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  • Fluoro-rubber takes advantage of fluorine atom's qualities and it is a high performance rubber. As it is more excellent in heat, oil, chemical resistance than other rubbers, therefore it is liable to be expensive. However now it has being a must in automotive, aircraft, chemical, machine industry.

HARUNA products and distributes the fluoro-rubber 'PERFLON' registered trademarks. By the special compounding technique it is given the best performance in many resistance properties such as oil, solvent, and weather resistance and so on. According to application there are six different type 'PERFLON'. There is also a coating material, which is available for adhensive application and corrosion-resisting.


Other Fluoro-rubber
Other Fluoro-rubber
The fluoro-rubber is the greatest resistance properties such as burning and chemical resistance in all rubbers. Moreover it has many advantages, so it can be used for various purposes.


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